Developmental and Educational Services are for Georgia Residents and can be done in-person or virtually.

Developmental Services are for children ages birth through 5, and their families.

Educational Services are for children ages birth through 8, and their families.

Developmental Services

Developmental Evaluations

Developmental evaluations have a base total cost of $400 which includes an intake appointment, an observation/evaluation appointment, and a feedback session. 

The payment schedule includes:

The cost may differ depending on your child/family's needs and distance to your home/child's daycare. 

A payment plan can be created on an as needed basis. 

Katie Beckett/TEFRA Deeming Waiver Evaluation

Developmental evaluations for the purposes of the Katie Beckett/TEFRA Deeming Waiver are available for children ages birth until 3rd birthday that are currently enrolled in Babies Can't Wait. These evaluation reports are tailored to the requirements of the Katie Beckett application and are completed in an expedited manner for a cost of $175.

The payment schedule includes: 

An optional 30-60 minute feedback session can be completed with the caregivers for the rate of $50, to be paid when scheduling the feedback session.

Caregiver Coaching

Coaching is an adult learning concept that includes one person (developmental specialist) supporting another person (family/caregiver) in implementing strategies with the child. Little Peach Education does not do 1:1 direct services. We believe in the power of caregiver capacity building, meaning we believe you as your child's parent are the best person to be implementing change. 

The cost of these services depends on distance to your home, but has a base rate of $50 per hour. 

Educational Services


We are happy to meet with you to discuss your child's educational, learning, or behavioral needs. We can attend meetings at your child's school or complete observations in your child's classroom. 

The cost of these services depends on distance to the school, but has a base rate of $75 per hour. 

Professional Services

Professional Development & Information Sessions

We offer professional consulting to a variety of agencies and organizations regarding disability policy, special education best practices, and other areas, including by not limited to: 

Some examples of previous projects include:

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